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String Sprouts is an innovative music program providing violin, viola, cello, and bass lessons to children in the Omaha-Council Bluffs metro area. Sprouts can enroll as young as 3 and receive five years of exemplary music education designed specifically for kids.

An important aspect of the String Sprouts program is caregiver participation. Each lesson, you’ll attend class and help your Sprout master the basics of their chosen instrument. At home, you help your kiddo practice using the provided take-home workbook and online resources. Together, you and your Sprout will create musical memories to cherish forever!

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Omaha String Sprouts holds classes in locations across the Omaha-Council Bluffs metro area to ensure anyone can find a class nearby! We’re grateful for our supportive community partners who let us share their space. Click on a city below to view our class sites.

“I would definitely recommend this program for anyone interested in having their child learn to play the violin.

My child is in year 3 and has learned so much in her time participating in this program. She has learned how to read music, play several songs, and how to hold her bow properly. She has become more disciplined at home with practicing daily and rehearsing the new material. The 45 minutes I get to spend with her each week helping her learn and grow is priceless!”

- Level 3 Violin Parent

“My son is three years old. His sister plays the violin at school.

My son has always wanted to follow in her steps and play a string instrument. He picked the viola to be a little different than his sister. He loved to take the instrument out when he first got it and explore it. He enjoys learning how to play, and the pace of the program is just right for his age. He is learning music notes and starting to understand rhythm. He loved the little recital that was done after the first 8 weeks. He is becoming accountable and excited for something he is learning to enjoy. He is becoming confident and excited to tell others. It is a joy to watch him focus, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about this program. And not to mention it’s free!”

- Level 1 Viola Parent

“Our daughter Cora has always been a little shy, especially when it comes to new situations.

Her first Sprouting Up concert had a few nerves and tears; however, with each concert her confidence has grown. We’ve even seen more confidence outside of Sprouts. This past Halloween we were at a community event, and she asked to get on stage to do a costume contest. We were shocked, as that is not something we ever dreamed she would be comfortable doing. It has been wonderful to watch her learn to play cello, but the greatest reward has been to see her emotional and social growth as she comes into her own.”

- Level 1 Cello Parent

“We love Sprouts! My son has grown musically and otherwise in this program.

During my son’s first year he was so nervous to perform and sometimes wouldn’t get up during the Sprouting Ups. Now in his third year, he doesn’t even blink at performing, often pulling out his violin when we have visitors. He loves the end of year recitals and thought the Sprouts with the Symphony was magical! It was magical for me too. We especially appreciate his teacher, Mr. Tyler. He is engaging and funny, and an all around great teacher. My son even wanted to be a violin teacher for Halloween this year, which I thought was pretty great! Miss Sam is a wonderful teacher as well. She helps the children feel special and cared for and explains things very well.”

- Level 3 Violin Parent

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